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Hajj Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is the first thing that I should do to make a reservation for Hajj?

    A1: First thing to do is choose a program that we offer, you can find out more about our packages by visiting our website or calling one of our ten Hajj Offices located nationwide. Once you have decided on a Hajj package, and then send a $2,000 deposit to your local Hajj Sales Representative to confirm your selection.
  • Q2: What happens after I make a reservation and pay the deposit?

    A2: Once you have paid your deposit, you may feel free to contact you Hajj Representative who will be there to answer any questions you may have regarding your upcoming journey. However you will be contacted to make arrangements to secure all the necessary documents for your travel.
  • Q3: Which Documents & Forms I will need?

    A3: Saudi Arabia Visa Application
    Terms and Conditions Form
    Mahram Letter for Females
    Shahadah Certificate
    Certificate of Meningitis
    Copy of Marriage for Minors
    Copy of Birth Certificate for Minors
    Passport and Green Card
    Passport Pictures
    Ministry of Hajj Check
    Zabihah (Qurbani)
  • Q4: How do I obtain a Hajj Visa?

    A4: Your Hajj representative will contact you and inform you of all the documents you will need to obtain a hajj visa. If you have any questions at this juncture, your hajj representative will gladly walk you through the process. In addition, the documents required are listed on our website under the terms and conditions page.
  • Q5: What is the next step after I send my final balance and Hajj documents?

    A5: At this point the American Travel Network Staff will be processing your visa request and finalizing your package. Feel free to call your sales representative for updates.
  • Q6: When am I supposed to receive my visa and package documents?

    A6: Typically your visa and airlines tickets are delivered to you about 2-3 weeks from date of travel.
  • Q7: After I receive my complete package with my visa, what is next?

    A7: Please review all documents to search for errors. If there are any mistakes please contact your sales representative ASAP. If your documents are error free, then prepare yourself for your upcoming Hajj Journey
  • Q8: What should I expect to receive from American Travel Network?

    A8: You will receive an ID card which you should have on your person at all times starting from your departure from USA until your departure back from Saudi Arabia. In addition, you will receive luggage tags, which you must use, in case of lost luggage American Travel Network Staff will be able to spot your luggage tags and contact you. Also, you will receive itineraries for your Air departure and your day to day activities in Saudi.
  • Q9: What do we do once we arrive in Saudi?

    A9: You will be met by an American Travel Network representative, but only after the customs process. Once you exit the customs area, an American Travel Network rep will be there to guide you towards your next destination.